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Playoff Procedures

Post Season Procedures


For the first time ever, the league will open the 2018 playoffs with a two-game home and home playoff series.

  1. The highest seeded team for each matchup will have the option to select their home date weekend in the playoff series.
  2. If the same team wins both postseason games of the home and home series, that team will advance to ArenaBowl XXXII.
  3. In the event that the series ends in a 1-1 tie, the team with the highest aggregate score in the series will advance.
  4. Should the aggregate score of the series be tied at the end of regulation of the 2nd game, the teams will immediately play a standard format overtime period to determine which team advances.
  5. The champion of the Arena League will still be crowned in a traditional head-to-head matchup in ArenaBowl XXXII.

ArenaBowl XXXII (Philadelphia Soul at Albany Empire)