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Our Platforms of Availability

I want to just write this little bit of information to let you know, if you do not already know, where you can listen to our podcast show, Inside the Nation.  Also, our podcast show is the audio track from our ITN Vidcast video show that we have via our YouTube channel.

You can look at the broadcast shows: The Dan Patrick Show and The Rich Eisen Show as an established on-air broadcast example of our show.  Those two shows are live on the Audience Network (video&audio) while at the same time taking the audio only portion of the show and simulcasting it for their radio program.  Since their shows are 4 hours in length, they break the shows up into four segments for their podcast playback on their own mobile apps.

The above-mentioned shows are just examples on how I am trying to grow the Inside the Nation but of course without the big dollars of corporate network support at least not yet.  So for right now, our podcasts version of Inside the Nation can be heard on the following platforms (mobile app coming soon):

  1. Spreaker
  2. Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes for Desktop)
  3. Google Play Music
  4. iHeart Radio
  5. TuneIn Radio
  6. Otto Radio
  7. Stitcher Radio
  8. Acast
  9. Overcast
  10. Castbox
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