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9th Man Contributors Wanted


My name is Eric Thurow and I currently reside in San Jose. I started this web site as actually a Facebook group. But I thought it deserved more than just a group on a social media site. I thought it deserved its own fully functioning web site. So that it can eventually grow and be more commercially recognized.

A little about myself, first. I am a die hard San Jose SaberCats fan and have been since the 2000 season. I have held season tickets and not miss one single home since then first discovering this game of arena football. I was never the person to say that is isn’t real football because it is played in a sports arena on a much smaller field. Football is football, plain and simple. I just first never heard of it. But once I attended a two games at the then Compaq Center at San Jose (now SAP Center at San Jose), I was hooked. I loved how the players were truly into the passion of the sport of football, knowing that they weren’t making the millions as in the outdoor game. These guys are truly dedicated to their love for the sport.

After 5 years, I met up with another fan of the SaberCats who had started a fan club for the team, since the team was in between fan clubs. Since I have a decent knowledge of marketing, I offered to help him out. As the 2005 season progressed, unfortunately he had some scheduling issues that didn’t allow him to run and grow the fan club as he desired. He asked if I’d be interested in taking it over. Thus, until this day, I run San Jose’s 9th Man and try to get as many fans in involved as possible. The first thing I did is to make sure it is a completely free fan club and not a booster club. I strive for our fans to interact with one another and to share their arena football experiences and root for the team we love, the San Jose SaberCats. We also try to get together during the off season in a way to show our community that the San Jose SaberCats and the Arena Football League is a real league, fan friendly and completely affordable for families to attend.

Now transitioning to 2014, I officially decided to launch 9th Man Nation as a fan’s web site. I do not want to have any news updates from the league nor teams on here unless it is expressive of the fan experience and how both parties involve the fans, the 9th Man Nation. Please bare with me as I am in the process of trying to reach out to some of the more known die hard fans of their respective teams who can show their true appreciation not only for their team, but for the league and would like to see this league blossom in a profitable state.

I am asking for one or two contributors to post on this web site their game day experiences. What did your team do to interact with the fans? Besides the on field post game auto graph session, does your team have a restaurant for a post game meet-n-greet? If there were any visiting fans, how did you share your experiences and how was their experience at your arena? I know that during the game itself, there might be a little friendly trash talking competition. But it should be done in a respectful way. After all, at the end of the night, we all head home to our families and it was just another night a at sporting event.

Here are the teams that I need contributors from: (Since I run the SaberCats fan club and will be over seeing this web site, I will not have the time to be a SaberCats contributor).
Arizona Rattlers
Cleveland Gladiators
Jacksonville Sharks
Las Vegas Outlaws
Los Angeles KISS
New Orleans VooDoo
Orlando Predators
Philadelphia Soul
Portland Thunder
San Jose SaberCats
Tampa Bay Storm

Thank you and let us together as one nation of fans for the Arena Football League help grow the league to become a regularly recognized tradition during the spring and summer months, as the National Football League is to the fall and winter months.

(2000-2015) - San Jose SaberCats Season Ticket Holder (2005-2015) - Ran the fan club for the San Jose SaberCats (2002) - Attended ArenaBowl XVI, San Jose (2008) - Attended ArenaBowl XXII, New Orleans (2015) - Attend ArenaBowl XXVIII, Stockton (2016) - Started 9th Man Nation (2016) - Covered ArenaBowl XXIX, Glendale, AZ

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